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Surely you have tried to apply for loans with Financial Credit Institutions at some time and they have denied them. Today banks and credit institutions have as their fundamental objective to reduce their rate of bad loans or, what is the same, their rate of delinquency.

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Here you will not get involved with numbers or incomprehensible clauses. Nor with what we commonly call “small print”. You will see everything very clearly from the beginning. The money that you ask for and that will correspond exactly with what is entered into your account; how much are you going to pay for it; what amount is the total to be returned and when you have to do it.

Nor will they take into account whether they figure in the Financial Credit Institutions file or not. You can request the money to proceed to cancel your situation in the file or for any other need you may have. The financiers who collaborate with us do not care about this information because they understand that your situation has changed since the non-payment occurred or that you may have justified reasons for not proceeding with its cancellation

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Evolution of the delinquency rate in recent years

According to sources from the Bank of Spain, since 2013, when the highest level of bank loans was reached with 13.62%, the rate has been decreasing year after year until in 2017 it fell to 5%. ,3 %. An index very close to the values ​​of 2010 when it started to shoot up.

However, in this past year of 2018, a new rebound has led to closing at 5.81%.

What are the delinquency rates for banks?

These delinquency rates oblige banks to establish reserve funds in the Bank of Spain to guarantee their solvency. The higher the delinquency rate of a bank the less money it can keep in circulation and, therefore, the less profit it gets.

How this situation affects you

That is why banks look in more detail every day at all the documentation they request for the granting of a loan. Any breach of only one of the requirements supposes the refusal to this concession.

One of the fundamental requirements for these financial entities is that they do not figure in Financial Credit Institutions. This is an association composed mainly of credit institutions that manage a delinquency file. Any person who has not paid any type of credit, products or services can be registered in it.

The first thing a bank does when you apply for a loan is to ask Financial Credit Institutions for information. If figures inscribed in this file will not continue with the study of your application.

They will not care about the amount for which figures or whether the fact of being enrolled in it is justified or not. Simply, the whole process will be paralyzed and you will not be able to obtain the credit you need. For the bank, this background represents an unacceptable risk.

What is your real situation

That you have not faced a payment at some point does not necessarily mean that you are a bad payer or that there is an especially greater risk than in the case of others that you do not pay a debt incurred.

There are many people who in recent years have been subjected to situations of a real need that have prevented them from facing some of their debts. But this does not mean that, once the situation has been overcome, they are not responsible and good payers.

Also, appearing in Financial Credit Institutions is something much more frequent and easier than many people think. Just an unpaid phone bill for them to proceed to register.

Many times you register without meeting the requirements, such as having made negotiation attempts prior to registration and accredited or having communicated effectively the situation and its consequences.

At other times you will appear in Financial Credit Institutions for a disagreement with the collection of a certain service or for the refusal of the supplier to accept a return of a product with which you are not satisfied.

Even many people figure in this file without knowing it. Also having liquidated the amounts with the entities that proceeded to its registration and that never managed to cancel the registration.

What to do

Whatever your situation is, the fact is that you must try to disappear from that registry as soon as possible if you want to free your credit possibilities and recover your means of progressing in many aspects of your life.

Unsubscribing from the Financial Credit Institutions file usually involves some of these processes:

  • Prove that the debts for which figures have already been liquidated. You must present proof of payment that matches the amounts and concepts.
  • Prove that the prerequisites required for your incorporation into the file have not been met.
  • Sue the company that has registered you for the controversy that gave rise to your refusal to pay and accredit, after the judgment, the inadmissibility of the inscribed debt.

However, the only quick solution is first. For this reason, many times the best solution is to pay if they have not already been paid to the company that has proceeded to put you in the file, the credits registered in your favor and request the withdrawal in the file.