Our Organization 

ABC’s Gymnastics Stars & Shoreline Gymnastics primary objective is to provide high quality recreational and competitive gymnastics for children of all ages and levels. Gymnastics helps promote strength, flexibility, balance, posture, coordination and physical confidence. Physical activity such as gymnastics builds self-discipline, control and self-esteem.

ABC’s Gymnastics Stars & ABC's Shoreline Gymnastics Training Center
are members of, USA Gymnastics and AAU gymnastics. All our staff members are USA Safety Certified
and Gymnastic Professionals. 

Our Strategy 

Our strategy is simple - as your children grow, we will expand our programs. As skills develop, your children will move to more advanced levels to explore and expand their motor skills and self- confidence. We feel that no child should be turned away because of a lack of natural ability or previous experience. All children will be encouraged to try their best at their individual levels and be recognized for their hard work and dedication. For children who meet the skill requirements and show interest, competitive programs are available. In addition, we see gymnastics as a family experience. As we grow, more programs will be added to meet your families needs.

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Coaches and Staff

Coach Courtney Detuzzi

8 years of coaching experience. The C in ABC's.  Courtney has been coaching for 7 years and works developmental, compulsory levels and optional level gymnast. Courtney is a USA Gymnastics Safety Certified coach and has attended congress 7 years in a row, two of which were Nationals.  She attended the USA Gymnastics training sessions in Florida for the new USA Gymnastics routines and rules for 20013-2019 in June of 2013.   She has coached kids who have received local and national first place titles in all around and individual events. She has a strong desire and ability to teach gymnastics. Courtney competed up to Level 9, was a Level 5 All Star Cheerleader, and was on a Celebrity cheer team that won first place at Worlds in 2010. As a gymnast, cheerleader, and dancer she has placed first in many competitions throughout the US. Courtney's love and passion for teaching and gymnastics have made her a very popular coach. Courtney has coached many girls who won state and regional competitions. Courtney is a great choreographer and dancer and choreographs many optional level routines. Courtney is now attending UConn and will graduate in 2016 with a communications degree and minor in business. She is USA Gymnastics Certified & U100.

Coach Eve Speed 

9 years of coaching experience. Eve has been teaching gymnastics for 9 years and really loves coaching all levels of gymnastics. She has gone to USA Gymnastics congress for 7 times for extensive training.  She attended the USA gymnastics training sessions in Florida for the new USA Gymnastics routines and rules for 20013-2019 in June of 2013. Eve has been coaching xcel and compulsory teams for over 5 years.  She has produced Xcel State Champions.  She is great with the kids and is always on top of the list of most wanted coaches.  Eve was a gymnast and cheerleader herself.  Eve is our head Xcel coach here at ABC'S coaching recreational classes, Xcel Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum. She is USAG Safety Certified, CPR and First Aid Certified, and U100.

Coach Maggie Henderson

18 years of coaching experience.Maggie has been teaching gymnastics at ABC's since 2006. She was a competitive and recreational gymnast for over 14 years and previously taught gymnastics throughout her college years. Maggie was a Designer and Merchandiser in NYC for several years before taking time off to have children. Now that her son and daughter are school-age, she is back teaching the sport that she loves. Maggie enjoys working with children of all ages. Children and parents love Maggie's teaching techniques. Maggie is a highly trained and accomplished coach. Maggie coaches Xcel and compulsory gymnasts as well as recreational classes. She is both CPR and First Aid certified, USA Gymnastic Certified, and U100.

Coach Russ Detuzzi

15 years of coaching experience. Russ has been coaching at ABC's since 2001. He loves to teach kids of all ages. Some say he has the patience of a saint. He started his teaching career in college as a ski instructor at Stratton Mountain where he taught skiing for 10 years. His psychology major has helped him understand the needs of today's children. Russ is our head boys coach and teaches recreational classes along with working the front desk. Russ is USAG Safety Certified and both CPR and First Aid certified. Russ is USA Gymnastics certified and U100. 

Coach Jacquelyn Mcleod

10 years of coaching experience and 4 years USA Gymnastics Judge for Levels 4-6 . Competed in gymnastics for 10 years, reaching Level 9. She participated in both USA Gymnastics and “Y” competitions representing her club in State and Regional competitions in all around events.  After gymnastics, she switched sports and ultimately competed hurdles, jumps, sprints, and relays throughout college, reaching nationals in the 100 meter high hurdles.   Through the years, Jacquelyn has coached Track and Field, Cheerleading, and Gymnastics and has been at ABC’s Gymnastics for 7 years. Jacquelyn loves gymnastics, loves to teach, and looks forward to working with each child to reach his/her full potential. Jackie is USA Gymnastics Certified and has taken the U100 course.  Jackie coaches recreational and compulsory levels along with optional gymnasts. Most days you’ll find Jacquelyn flipping around before or after practice!

Coach Sarah Horowitz 

10 years of coaching experience. Sarah grew up in Connecticut doing gymnastics from the age of two, competing regionally and nationally up to Level 10. She has worked full-time at ABC’s for the past five years. Having worked for parks and recreation programs, YMCA gymnastics, and several USAG-member gymnastics clubs, she has experience coaching all ages and levels of gymnastics. She has also worked with kids in the classroom, teaching writing to elementary school students and English to high school students in France. Sarah is our head USAG levels coach and works with  recreational gymnasts, and xcel, compulsory. and optional teams. She loves coaching motivated gymnasts to help them understand corrections, learn new skills, and achieve their personal goals. She is USAG Safety Certified and has completed U100.

Coach Ashley Detuzzi

4 years of coaching experience. The A in ABC's.  Ashley has taught gymnastics for 4 years and grew up in the gym.  Ashley was a level 9 gymnast, and dance team and level 5 cheerleader, but she had to end her career early due to a back condition she was born with.  Ashley is known for her unbelievable dance moves.  She is a great chorographer and teacher.  Ashley has choreographed all levels as well as high school routines.  Ashley is your go-to person when you need answers on the upper level and high school gymnastics rules. She is an honors student and was president of her class for 3 years in high school.  Ashley is an excellent leader and teacher.  She loves kids and is very patient with them. Ashley teaches recreational classes, developmental, Xcel, and compulsory levels.  She is great at teaching class kids, team kids, and dance.  Ashley is also life guard certified, CPR and First Aid certified, USA Gymnastics Certified, and U100. 

Coach Macie Pepas

Macie has been coaching at ABC's gymnastics for three years now. Macie is a favorite when it comes to class kids! Macie is great at helping children develop strength, flexibility, and coordination to help them in the future. She attends Central Connecticut State University studying Athletic Training and Physical Thearapy and comes home during the week and on weekends to coach! She coaches recreational classes, middle school team and coaches gymnastics for our Montville and Groton Parks and Rec programs. She also has recently started an excel team at Montville Park and Rec to be able to compete as a ABC'S gymnast! Macie is USA Gymnastics Instructor certified.



Coach Maureen Pokorney

39 Years coaching / teaching experience Coached in Maine, Upstate NY and Long Island Maine. She recieved  Coach of the Year at Shoreline Gymnastics  where she has been for over 15 years. She teaches Pre-school and Recreational classes and is a team coach for compulsory and optional levels. She is a member of the CT State Board and has recieved  the CT High School Coach of the Year. She was also a recipient of the CT State Service Award in 2009. She is a state and regional balance bean and floor clinician and an excellent choreographer. She has also been a judge for 20+ years. Outside of the gym Maureen enjoys quilting, boating. and any activity that involves the outdoors. 

Gymnastics Coach Clinicians (Part time)

Coach Helen - Gymanstics Clinician

Helen has been coaching at ABC's since March 2004. She started gymnastics at the age of 4 and was the ECC All-Around Champion for NFA for 2 years. She finished 9th in Senior Nationals for vaulting. She has been coahcing gymnastics for 10 years, and was an assistant coach for NFA & East Lyme High School. She also works as a RN. When not at work or gymnastics, she can be found dancing, sleeping, or water-skiing. Helen is CPR and First Aid certified.

Clinician  Linda : Gymnastics clinician, Consultant and Coach 

30 years of coaching experience. She is a CT State All Around High School Gymnastics Champion. At the end of her freshman year she began her elite gymnastics training with three-time Olympian Muriel Grossfeld in Milford, CT.   Muriel is presently a leading National Olympic Staff Official.  After competing at the USA National Elite Level of Gymnastics, she received a full gymnastic scholarship at The Pennsylvania State University and graduated in 1984. Linda owned and operated Flip City Gymnastics for eighteen years.  She competed at the Gymnastic National Elite Level I, competed at the World Game Trials, trained for the boycotted 1980 Olympics, and represented the United States against other countries such as the Peoples Republic of China, West Germany, England, & Japan.  Linda coached many gymnasts to become State, Regional, and National Champions. 


Linda is USA Gymnastics Certified, Level 4/5/6 through Brevet Judging Official and Certified High School Judging Official, USA Gymnastics Professional Member, CIAC Membership, NAWGJ National Association of Woman’s Gymnastic Judges, USA Gymnastics National Safety Certification and Skill Evaluator, USA Mentor to Annia Hatch, 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist.  


2007 Recipient of the Connecticut AAU Gymnastics Lifetime Achievement Award and The Connecticut AAU Governors Award in recognition of outstanding dedication to the Connecticut AAU Association’s Goals and Principals.



Muriel Grossfeld, Clinician, Consultant and Coach 

Muriel is a  three-time Olympian and a two-time Olympic coach. She has also been a brevet judge and served on the USA national team staff. Muriel judges, coaches, works for the USA gymnastics national Team and ABC’s team, and continues to promote physical fitness and gymnastics in the United States.  





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